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An Unexpected Journey…..In business!

When it comes to founding your own business, many set off on an adventure that is very rarely what they expect it to be. I had a similar experience when I first started my business in HS.

It was a little tutoring business to test if I had what it takes to run a business and to make mistakes quickly and learn from them even faster. It was an experience that at the time.

I did not realize would set me up for all future businesses I planned on starting.

There are a few major hurdles everyone faces and it represents the majority of questions I get asked the most:

“Where do I start? Am I Ready? What do I need to do?

All these questions are questions any prospective business owner asks and the same exact questions I asked when I was first starting out. Starting a new business can be a massive life change and similar to having kids, will require a level of commitment you won’t be able to pull out of (not easily at least)

So what does it take?

It takes a mindset and effort. That’s it. Depending on your niche market, it may take a bit of capital but it always comes down to mindset and how many hours you are willing to put in.

I worked over 80 hours a week without knowing if what I was doing will work out or if I would have to change pace. I wanted it and if I failed, it would not be from a lack of effort.

Some will say you need to get lucky to succeed in business but here is the thing. At some point, the more opportunities you expose yourself to, the more lucky you may become.

Enter Negotium Design

I have gotten countless questions and it inspired me to build a platform that anyone with the correct mindset and willing to put in some effort can use.

We provide educational resources and business resources to help you succeed. An all-encompassing tool that I wish I had when I was first starting out.

Free content to become successful? Must be a scam.

Nah, we run ads to cover our fixed costs and rely on donations and ad revenue to keep content free. We also have subscriptions for the select few who want to pursue this to the end.

That is our goal. To provide tools to help new hopeful business owners succeed. The same type of individual that I was 5 years ago trying to find tools to help myself get started when I had no money and everyone told me it couldn’t be done.

Well, I'd say block out the haters but the exhaust on my $20K motorcycle does that for me because I knew what I was capable of and that is the mindset I used to create Negotium Design for others like me.

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